Time Table of Posting

Below is the time table of our posting schedule for current drama serials.

Dirilis Ertugrul (Urdu)02:00 AMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓
Filinta Mustafa05:00 AMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓
Payitaht Abdulhamid08:00 AMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓
Yemin: The Promise11:00 AMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓No ✗No ✗No ✗
Dirilis Ertugrul (Hindi)02:00 PMNo ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓
Kurulus Osman05:00 PMNo ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗Yes ✓
Mehmetcik Kutul Amare08:00 PMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓No ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗
Mehmetcik Kutul Zafer11:00 PMYes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓No ✗No ✗No ✗No ✗
Sultan Muhammad Fateh04:00 AMNo ✗No ✗Yes ✓Yes ✓Yes ✓No ✗No ✗
Yunus Emre12:00 AMNo ✗No ✗Yes ✓Yes ✓No ✗No ✗No ✗

Jun 6, 2020 - Posted by KatMovieHD4

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